50g(5000pcs) 3mm Lovely Dot Shape PVC loose Sequins Paillettes for Nail Art manicure/sewing/wedding decoration confetti

Wholesale screw nail bag, white shell nail

Witch Bag

Art and craft for children. Quanlity: 14x22 oval pink. 2mm flat round pinkVery thin. Wool & blends. Cp0812. H0000. Round sequins. Confetti 100. 

Wholesale M&m. Slime

PurpleYellow. 4mmtransparent watermelon. Wholesale pocket mirror. Cap women. 083004017. Sequin gold costume. 10-25mm. Silver base gold, silver base mixed colors, cream lime. 10 yards. Mixall sequins. Bar tie. Pvc choker. Mix 4 deisgn. Metal purses crafts. Dance shoes. 3mm 5g/1400pcs,4mm 5g/800pcs,8mm 5g/230pcs. 12mm flat yellow color. 3mm flat ab transparent red. 

Wholesale Beanie Sequin

Light golden. Metallic no.355. Wo5239-6. 6mm cup sequins. Bag spool. Cup ab dark pink colorTrendy. Se-laser sequins. 1 sequin trim. Shoes with pearls women. 50 mm satin. 

Crystal Embellished Women Shoes

25mm flat. Decorative,seat,car,chair. Radium silver color. Naive shine. Sailors shoes. Nail art, hair bow, doll dress, scrapbook,card making, picture frames. Nail 3mm solid plum. 85x17mmcattail. Sequins paillettes for crafts. Green confetti. 00131. Hairpins. Warp knitting. 24010040(10d20g). Supply category: Magic opaque #89. 

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