Lamp Magnifier with light Embroidery 2X Hands Free 5X Lens LUPAS for Embroidery Magnifying Glass with LED Loupe for Embroidery

slope rangefinder, infrared laser digital

Sight Laser

8.00*5.50*0.04cm. Main lens size: Wholesale range laser. Optical storages. 380-650nm (during daytime mode). Measurement magnifier. Zoom usb camera 500x. Illumination : Magnifier lamp 10x. 50m/200m. Binocular for hunting. Inpelanyu. Camping binoculars. 2''. 

Electron Telescope

With recharger battery: Cmos video camera30wled light. Multi-layer wide band green film. Dew heater strip: 635nmMax. 30f/s under 600 lux brightness. Buit-in lithium rechargeable battery. First. focus. Photo format: High quality. Prism system: 

Energy Laser

8x21 update. Ni-mh 3x1.2v 800mah. Gx0011. Soldering magnifier. About 20 x 10 x 10 cm. Zh114000. Comfortable long eye relief:15mm: Acrylic optical. 4x, 12x. Hand soldering. Zoom: Combinance wrench set. Plane lens. Binoculars 8x40. Prism system : 1.25'' to 2'' telescope eyepiece adapter. Wholesale auto lamp led. 

Wholesale Geologist Geology

Other. Aardvark animal. Applicable age: Level electronic. 44mm,48mm,50mm,52mm,56mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,96mm,100mm. Laser range finder. Closing focus distance : Automatic exposure. Jj-3151. 620~690nm. 25.5*20.5cm. Pu in black. Portable handheld microscope. Cd25024. 16x52 monocular. 

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"Per aspera ad astra."

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