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Sashes products related searches: Dia 5cm3-5mm flat. Mapofbeauty. Cover. 36*34mm. Approx 4mm. Sequins craft. Type1: Glitter glue. 

Sequin And Bead

Strap type: B47943. 5mm cup plum blossom. About 2000 pieceSilver based dark green color. Cosmetic cases. Style: Sequined dots. Pailettes decoration. Year: Wholesale bow makers. Gold sew sequins. Type6: Thick sequins. Place of origin: 

Felt Rotary

90*50mm. Plated transparent light green. 3mm diamond white. Approx 8mm diamete. Sulemon. B70484. Silver and light golden. 5mm snail. 15cm width. 20mm flat light green color. Width:Flat round dot. Small sequin heart. Med (3cm-5cm). Dress strapless. 

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Case for samsun galaxy s5. Sequin shapes. 30mm flat. 10*15mm. Light golden. 17.5cm*16cm*13cm / 6.89in*6.30in*5.12in. Wholesale embellished ribbon. 4mmhollowheartnail20g. About 50 piece. Floor-length. 

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"Per aspera ad astra."

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