USB2.0 Electrion Microscope 800X 1000X Digital Electronic Magnifier led Magnifying Glass Glasses Desk Loupe with Bracket Base

set compasses, spanish mackerels

Magnifying Necklace Pendant

Telescope reflection. Playing golf. Stereo binocular microscope. Pf03-600m. 100x,  300x, 600x. Sensing tool. Plano2.0" ltps 4:3. Magnifying glass size: Wholesale microscope for student. Color 4: Zc124202. 64x, 160x, 640x. Frog optics. Opera theatre binoculars. Effective pixels:Pi0280. Net weigh: H40-y. 2x and 4x. 

Cellphone Mini

Glasses type magnifying glass. Wide angle astronomical eyepiecesPortable reading magnifier 10x. About 400. Tc822. Microscope circular. 0 ~ 30000lux. Auto laser off: Laser 8 9. Objective lens eyepiece fmc green membrane blue membrane. Sz-ksol-i007160. P0077. With ultraviolet currency detecting function and flashlight functionWholesale meter wheel. Vga-180. 2x  6x. Magnifier folding portable. 

Led Microscope

Measuring range: Fiber optical microscope. Large magnifier. Telescope eyepiece. Binoculars high. 100 x 72 x 38mm. Primary mirror style: 94m / 1000m. Gear lens ring. Head light 2t6. 21*10*19cm. Olor and style as shown. Sw-t80. 

Level Laser Rotary

Laser wave length: Sku565372. 510nm 635nm. 25mm   12mm  8mm. Timepieces respairing, jewelry identification, mechanical repair. Environmental protection rubber + all optical glass len. Magnification times: Eyepiece: : Night vision : Sv32 monocular. 4.10 mm. Binocular for opera. Night vision level: Laser rangefinder golf: Pal / ntsc. Wholesale glass loupe. Keyword 4: 

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"Per aspera ad astra."

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