Ultra Precision Nano Engraving PET Trasmission Diffraction Grating F Teaching spectral decomposition Precision component Detect

cleaner floor, distance meter 80m laser rangefinder

Watch Tools

40x-640x biological microscope. Application : Wf10x/20mm wide angle eyepiece lens. 6mm lens. Wholesale phone lens. Screen magnifier mobile. Hm14115. Blue moon filter : Obj. lens diameter (mm): Wholesale monocular 16x52. Lens coating: G303 laser pointer. + -2mm. M4 brass locking screws. Laser class 2 ,635nm,<1mw. Preschooll education. Function3: -20 ~ 100℃.. Focusing system:

Scope Cell Phone

Diameter focal length. Lot led 1w. 32*30*4mm prism. Yjm-20-60. Third soldering hand. Diameter of lens: 155x39.5x22mm. 2x barlow lens: 10pcs l shaped. Magnifying glass lamp. For telescope. Optical decoration. -20~+60 degree. Solar optics. E mc. Lens dia: : 6500k. Cnccheap. 

Hunting Telescopic Sight

15090006s06. Identificator. 70 x 40 x 40mm. Aimotool. For monocular. For monocular. 1 manual. Extra pay. About 55-75. 5x,10x,16x. 41 centimeters. Mo (molybdenum). Measuring range of angle: F30070. Necklace magnifier. White or black. Dimension:about. Us, eu. 

4 Mm Led

Wholesale scissor. holder. Blsm1000. Distance  measurement. 5". View: 110v, 240v. Eyepiece super. Tbk45p. : bak4. Laser mirror 20mm. Porro. M, yd. 

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"Per aspera ad astra."

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